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Web Hosting

When there are Web Hosting sites galore, how do you choose one from the other? What makes one more promising then the next one?
Well, at DP web hosting firm, we provide a service in the UK that’s in partnership with the renowned HostBay.
Here are a few questions you can ask yourself when about to choose a hosting company…
• What’s the bandwidth provided?
• How much Web Space will I get?
• Do you support Databases like MySQL and Scripts like PHP etc.
• Do I have to pay extra for Web Email Boxes and other features?
• How secure is my Hosting Company.
• How much does it costs, including VAT and setup charges (the most important).
After you have finished comparing, you will be able to choose on the basis of value and which hosting site offers the best solutions for your needs.
At DP web hosting company, our team of experts will start by analysing your website and then use our gained insights to select the best hosting solution for you based on what your website requires.

Give us a call on 020 7837 4852 to see how we can do this for you.