All That We Do

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To make sure we do the best job we can when developing your website, we have several tools at our disposal. To give you insight into what some of these may be we have compiled a list of our top tools which get the development process underway…

  • Clean AJAX

This nifty programme quickens the development process by decreasing the amount of code that needs to be written. This means we can focus on other areas making web development far more efficient.

  • Google web toolkit

This takes the Ajax application to the next level as this web development tool allows you to write in a high performance way via the Java platform.

  • Auto Suggest

An invaluable tool that allows auto complete to be undertaken in search fields therefore saving the users a lot of time retyping pre-searched for phrases or login details.

  • Ajax calendars, sliders, data grids

All of which help to organise information to increase usability

and several more…