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Mobile Website Development

Androids, iPhones, Blackberry’s, you name it; we design the web application for it.
DP mobile web development firm leaves the door open to our clients so they can have input in the planning, designing and execution process ensuring the perfect mobile app is delivered to your target market.

In order to understand why this is advantageous, it is wise to distinguish the difference between mobile website and mobile app development. Despite being closely interlinked, a mobile website is the same as your typical website in that it has all its features – HTML pages that interweave and connect together different pages on a browser. Just like a normal desktop website, the mobiles site can include contents, photos and videos only on a much smaller, hand held device.

On the other hand, Applications on the mobile platform are not part of the website. They must be downloaded for free or a fixed price and it is only then the consumer can install it on their mobile. They are available on the brands markets such as Apple’s store, Android Market and Blackberry’s market. Additionally, the apps may need an internet connection or may not depend on whether internal data within the app is incorporated.

You may ask though, despite the differences, what are the benefits of working with DP Development to create a mobile website for your brand?

Firstly, sites on this platform can be accessed immediately across a variety of Smartphone’s whereas apps must be downloaded and possibly paid for before they can be accessed.

Secondly, the compatibility is flexible for mobile websites as a site on its own can is available to users no matter what their mobile device as long as it can access the internet.

Thirdly, the enhanced dynamics of the mobile website means it has a higher propensity to be upgraded compared to an app thus making it much easier to update content on your site.

This is why it is crucial that your mobile website truly represents your brand in a positive light. Your original website can then be strengthened by the mobile site which together can serve as a powerful force in creating a more interactive experience for your customers,

We have experience across a board of sectors from small to large organisations so why not take a peak at our portfolio to check out some of our latest development ventures.