All That We Do

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Blog Development

Blogs are becoming the modern norm of digital interaction. It is a cheap and simple way for a business to reach their loyal customer base, build relationships and facilitate discussions which in the past, other tools such as e-mail has not been able to accomplish.

So how can you grasp the opportunity and boost your blogging chances? What is involved in blog development?

At DP we have experts who are experienced with WordPress and have mastered the optimisation process. This means our clients stand a higher chance of reaching the first page of Google’s results when consumers search for services or products that your brand offers. Google Analytics is a brilliant tool which works in tandem with WordPress as it enables brands to comprehensively measure the tools for their business. This enables businesses to track their WordPress site and blog easily whilst discovering all important information such as views per author and category, routine tracking of outbound clicks and pageviews.

DP Development has also designed a content management system called DotPeak CMS – an Open Source and Multilingual PHP. The advantage of doing so is that we can offer our clients a simple method of updating their website contents without needing to know any languages like HTML, PHP and JavaScript etc.

This software enables brands to effectively manage their customers, databases, invoices, e-Commerce and much more.